Episode 140: Chris Pitre – Courage to Ditch the Status Quo and Embrace Humanity

Chris Pitre is a WSJ Best Selling Author of ‘Love as a Business Strategy‘ and the Co-founder of Culture+, a culture-as-a-service company.

He works with and speaks at companies across a variety of industries and different sizes to strengthen their culture and organically build inclusive behaviors. 

Chris is Vice President at Softway, overseeing HR and business development, and supporting client projects through strategy, talent management, branding, communications, and tech ideation.

Whether it’s a talent conversation or helping a client solve a business challenge, the common thread is helping fellow humans get to their next level, and beyond. Chris’ passions have led him to a place where he gets to explore, learn, and create in multiple business areas. He has developed specialties in advertising, digital strategy, digital marketing, marketing automation and technology, social media, innovation, sales, HR, change management, and internal communications.

You can learn more about Chris and the work they are doing at Softway on their website: https://www.softway.com/

You can learn about Seneca Leaders and get a copy of the WSJ bestseller “Love as a Business Strategy” along with other resources on their website: https://www.loveasabusinessstrategy.com/


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