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How Does Coaching Work?

People often ask, “Can you help my business” and the short answer is “No.” That’s because I don’t work on the business; I work with you, the business owner.

Your business is an inanimate object. It can’t do anything on its own, it requires input from the business owner and the leadership team. They are the ones making the decisions, they are the ones pulling the strings. I don’t work on the business; I work with people who run the business, to help them understand their current situation, to understand the possibilities for their business, to clarify their vision and goals so that they can lead their business to grow and thrive.

The mechanics of coaching are similar in every situation, but the programs and sessions are tailored to each business owner’s specific needs, wants, and goals.

What does a coach bring to the table?

  • Awareness of the possibilities for you and your business
  • Education in business building best practices
  • Accountability to help you achieve peak performance


Why Choose iB4e?

Established in 2004, iB4e was a small consulting firm based in Atlanta specializing in Organizational Change and Business Transformation. iB4e has worked with companies across the United States and global companies with offices in England, Germany, Mexico, Denmark, and France. One aspect of our consulting engagements is the coaching of leaders – from front-line managers to executives – on becoming stronger leaders. iB4e helps business leaders clarify their strategic objectives, develop long-term goals, effective communications, and building employee teams.

One aspect of our consulting engagements is the coaching of company’s leaders – from front-line managers to C-level executives. iB4e helps business leaders develop their strategic objectives, clarify their vision, effectively communicate that vision, and build best-in-class employee teams.

By working with iB4e you get the full knowledge and experience of all our consulting and coaching engagements.

  • Leadership coaching for executives, entrepreneurs, and small business professionals
  • Individual and group coaching programs available
  • Programs customized to fit your unique needs
  • Ask about the Money Back Guarantee


Individual and Group Coaching Programs

]At iB4e Coaching, we have a coaching program just for you! Whether you prefer the intimacy of a one-to-one private coaching session designed specifically for you or a group coaching session where you can share and engage with others who have the same interests, iB4e Coaching is right for you. Don’t be fooled; these sessions are not all fun and games. The purpose of coaching is to help you:

  • Assess your current business situation
  • Define where you want to go
  • Develop a roadmap that will get you there


Buy My New Book!!

My new book is now available on Amazon.com: BARNSTORMING: A Pilot’s Guide to Growing Your Business.

The Barnstormers were entrepreneurs in the truest sense. They wanted to fly and they wanted to find work as pilots. There were few opportunities for pilots in the early 1920s, so they made their own. They knew that to make a living, they had to get the customers. They went town to town and convinced people to come out to the fields and watch them perform. They distinguished themselves from their competitors (other pilots) by pushing the envelope, performing daring stunts, taxing their airplanes, and creating stunts that thrilled, amazed, and left the crowds wanting more.

You may not be performing loops or barrel rolls, but as an entrepreneur and small business owner, you probably find yourself in the same situation: looking to grow your business. You can’t simply put up a sign or a website and expect people to find you. You must be willing to go outside of your comfort zone by taking your talents and skills to the people and convincing them of your abilities. With the internet and social media, you are no longer required to go town to town stumping for customers, but it’s essential that you find ways to differentiate yourself so that you stand out above your competitors and draw the customers to you.

In his second book, Harlan Hammack continues the analogy of flight and presents the inspiring stories of the early barnstormers to encourage entrepreneurs to grow their businesses by networking with other professionals, by getting their message out to their intended audience, and discovering ways to set themselves apart from their competition.”