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Meet Coach Harlan

Harlan Hammack is a Business and Leadership Coach based in Atlanta, Georgia. He is the Founder and President of iB4e, a management consulting firm focused on Organizational Change and Business Transformation. He is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and private pilot.

Harlan has had the pleasure of coaching friends, colleagues and clients through his management consulting business. Now, he is focused on helping small- to mid-sized business owners achieve their financial freedom.

"All it takes is a clear vision, the strength to let go of the things that are holding you back, and the courage to step out into the unknown."

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Frustrated? Overwhelmed? I can help you!

  • So many tasks... so little time.

    Does that sound like you?

    Give me 60-minutes and I'll show you how you can get back 6-8 hours each week. Guaranteed.

  • Employee issues? Team have you frustrated? I'll help you develop a team of leaders that can run your business for you while you spend more time with your family.

  • Do you have the cash on-hand to do the things you want to do or need to do for your business? Cash Flow is king! Let me show you how to increase your profits by 60% per year.

Are You Driving Your Business...

... or is your business driving you?

Are You Feeling Stuck? Frustrated? Overwhelmed? Let me ask you a question: Do you have a business or do you have a job?

You may own a business, have a business name, a business bank account, and even have business cards. That doesn't necessarily mean you have a business. If you're working the same number of hours as your employees, if you're still trading hours for dollars, then you have a job. If you can't plan a vacation without worrying that the business will falter in your absence, then you have a job.

I can help you fix that!

A business should work FOR you, generating revenue and profits FOR you whether you are there or not. Let me show you how to build the foundations for your success.

You need three things to succeed in business: Strategies, Systems, and Controls.

  • Where do you want to go? What do you want your business to be? What's your next best move?

    Your business plan and strategic plan help drive your Vision to achieve your next level of success.

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  • Every business runs on a system, a set of business processes and procedures. Systems make your business actionable, measurable, repeatable, and sustainable.

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  • Maintain control of your business. Establish the KPIs and reports necessary for you to check on the health of your business from anywhere in the world.

    Location independence.

    Now that's success.

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Let's work together!

  • iB4e Coaching offers 1:1, group, and enterprise-level coaching programs designed to fit your needs.

    Executive coaching, strategic planning, brainstorming, communication skills, and more.

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  • Take advantage of our live and pre-recorded webinars dealing with industry hot topics.

    Need to sharpen your saw? Let iB4e Coaching help you.

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  • iB4e Coaching offers live seminars and custom events focused on your specific needs. From industry-specific topics to leadership development, employee engagement, and strategic planning skills.

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A Few Testimonials

  • I have been working with Harlan over the past few months with a focus on managing and embracing growth in my company. He has been instrumental in providing me with the tools I need to put plans in place to grow my business through pricing, capacity planning and staffing. He holds me accountable to the weekly goals that we set together and I can see how it is paying off now. I highly recommend Harlan to any business owner who truly wants and needs to focus on growing their business.

    Mary B.
  • Harlan is one of those individuals who everyone wants on their team. In addition to bringing a depth of expertise, he also brings creativity and an ability to look at things from multiple perspectives. He has strong leadership and management skills, and always delivers on his promises.

    Eileen G.
  • Harlan is a people oriented and task driven change manager. He had a tough role... but managed to bridge the gap between the UK based head office team and the local US based staff. Always aware of the cultural issues, Harlan helped the local people to adopt new ways of working. He is a good team player and can be relied upon to get things done.

    Graham L.
  • Coach, can I just say WOW. It’s taken me this long to gather my thoughts well enough to realize what just happened. You just gave me one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. You’ve given life to this insane idea that has been in my head and in my heart for years.

    Sharon H.
  • Harlan is one of the best consultants that I have every worked with. He is a person of incredibly high character who always goes above and beyond to do great work. Anyone would be lucky to have a person who is not only great at their job, but a pleasure to see every day at work.

    Nathan R.
  • Thanks to you, I’ve been doing a lot better with time management. I feel like I’m finally spending less time working and accomplishing more!

    Jeff P.
  • I learned a great deal from Harlan and still put to use some of his approaches in my current roles. I greatly enjoyed working with Harlan, strongly recommend him for future work and hope our paths cross again someday.

    Jack S.

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