Episode 139: Neelam Sharma – Courage to Lead and Work Collaboratively

Neelam Sharma is an engaging and effective Certified Professional Coach (CPC) through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching and an Associate Credentialed Coach (ACC) through the International Coaching Federation. She is experienced in working with all levels of an organization from front-line to C-Suite leaders.

With many years of experience in the corporate world, including over 20+ years as a Talent Development Consultant, Neelam has a deep understanding of what it takes for individuals to succeed in a demanding business environment. Her extensive experience as a Leadership and Executive Coach as well as her intuitive and motivating style make her an especially valuable asset to your team.

To learn more about Neelam’s coaching programs, check out her website: https://www.neelamsharmacoaching.com/

You can also connect with Neelam on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/neelamsharmaconsulting/


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