Episode 141: Lisa Luckett – Courage to Find the Kindness and Heal the World

Lisa Luckett is a social visionary, an activist for kindness, and an advocate of gaining wisdom by experiencing life head-on.  Her mantra “Choose Courage” is the foundation of her social vision reminding us that we are strong, resilient, and have a choice in how we live our lives. 

As a 9/11 widow, single mother of three (young adults), and breast cancer survivor, Lisa knows the value of life’s struggles and sees the gift, or silver lining, in every situation. Lisa believes that life is happening ‘for’ us, not ‘to’ us, shifting to see that life’s lessons and grace lie within the struggle.

An expert in emotional preparedness, Lisa Luckett is a voice of reason in the chaos. She is an award-winning author, inspirational speaker, life coach, and the Founder and CEO of Cozmeena Enlightened Living— A Brand of Kindness and Social Vision for the 21st Century. Lisa’s memoir, The Light in 9/11: Shocked by Kindness, Healed by Love, was released in 2018.

You can learn more about Lisa’s vision and hope for the world, contact her about speaking engagements, and order a copy of her book “The Light in 9/11: Shocked by Kindness, Healed by Love” on her author’s website: https://lisaluckett.com/

If you want to learn more about Cozmeena Enlightened Living, go to their website: https://cozmeena.com/


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