Episode 138: Robert Gillette – Courage to be Successful at Sales Without Selling Your Soul

Selling your service has as much to do with tranquility as tactics.

Anyone who hopes to be successful without selling their soul needs more than just sales training. They have to be at peace with sales.

As many as 85% of people in sales never intended to get into the business of selling, which means they’re untrained and under-prepared.

To succeed in sales, you need to take your profession as seriously as any other professional does. Attorneys have to complete hours of continuing education every year. CPAs have to complete continuing education hours every year. How many do you plan on completing? If you want to be compensated like an executive, you need to act like an executive and that’s where Reclaiming Sales comes in. Robert Gillette has experience as an IT employee, salesman, middle manager, and business owner in more industries than he’d like to admit. As the owner of Reclaiming Sales, he hosts a podcast, is a Sales coach and consultant and facilitates a book club for anyone who sells anything… which is basically everyone. Robert is happily married with two children, and a San Francisco Bay Area native.

You can learn more about Robert’s programs on his website: https://reclaimingsales.com/. And be sure to check out his Book Club. Robert is also host of the Reclaiming Sales podcast: https://reclaimingsales.com/podcast-episodes/

You can also connect with Robert on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rwgillette/


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