Episode 127: David Oates – Courage to Get Through Any Crisis Communication Situation

What would you do if you or one of your employees was falsely accused of racism or sexual harassment? What would that do to your reputation? What damage would that cause to your business? More importantly, how would you respond and start to regain that reputation you worked so hard to build?

If you were smart, you would engage the services of my guest, David Oates.

David Oates is a crisis PR expert with more than 25 years of strategic public relations experience dealing with a wide array of adverse public events. David helps organizations repair their brand’s reputation in the press and online.

Starting as a U.S. Navy Public Affairs Officer and later as a Corporate Chief Marketing Officer and Non-Profit President, he excels in expertly addressing a myriad of crises spanning military, government, corporate, charity, and start-up environments.

David’s Crisis Communications experience includes handling employee and executive misconduct, cybersecurity attacks, product recalls, mass layoffs, large-scale accidents, criminal investigations, and civil litigation matters.

Learn more about David and his Crisis Communication work on his website: publicrelationssecurity.com. Be sure to check out the eBooks on his website: https://publicrelationssecurity.com/ebooks/

You can also find David on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidoates/


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