Episode 128: Tom Reber – Courage to Win the War on Mediocrity in Your Life and Business

As a general contractor or someone in the building trades who is struggling in your business, have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and said, “If only I…”

  • Had a team of salespeople
  • Could run more Facebook ads
  • Had a bigger shop on main street
  • Could find skilled employees who actually wanted to work

… then everything would be better?”

Contractors spend a lot of time searching for the “easy button.” They think there is some magical shortcut that successful businesses understand that they’re missing out on.

But the truth is – in the words of my next guest — .

You can’t polish a turd.

Tom Reber is an entrepreneur, business coach, bestselling author, podcaster, YouTube superstar, founder of The Contractor Fight & Contractor Sales Academy, and host of the HGTV series “Unfinished Business.” Tom and his team have helped hundreds of thousands of home improvement contractors improve their lives and their businesses.

Tom coaches and advises business owners and CEOs on how to lead better, build stronger teams, and scale their business profitably.

You can learn more about Tom at his website; https://tomreber.com. Also be sure to check out The Contractor Fight: https://thecontractorfight.com/ and subscribe to Tom’s YouTube channel: The Contractor Fight TV.


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