Episode 124: Chris M King – Courage to Find Alignment and Achieve Your Status Flow

Imagine achieving the impossible, or even the unimaginable, in 1/5 the time everyone thought it would take, AND doing it with zero stress.

“Flow,” a.k.a. “the zone,” is an optimum state of consciousness wherein teams and individuals feel and perform their best. It’s trainable and available to anyone.

My guest is a pique-performance executive coach and speaker Chris M. King. Chris sets the conditions and behaviors for flow so professionals can achieve goals with innovation and speed. He facilitates the journeys that lead to the discoveries that create sustainable transformations and ensure clients exceed their professional and personal expectations.

Chris has particular expertise with professional women and women-led/focused teams, ensuring they are running their businesses and lives instead of their businesses and lives running them. In a world where VUCA is the norm, go from the status quo to Status Flow.

You can find out more about Status Flow on Chris’ website: www.statusflow.net. You can also connect with Chris on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christophermking/ or on Instagram @thestatusflow.


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