Ep 232: Thom Dennis – Courage to Find Serenity in Leadership

Thom Dennis has a MSc in Change Agent Skills & Strategies, expertise as a Certified Facilitator accredited by the CQ® Center, and isHH an NLP Master Practitioner. Tom spent 17 years’ as an officer in the Royal Marines and has worked extensively around the world. Thom brings all his experience together as CEO of Serenity in Leadership and as a speaker, writer, facilitator, change agent, consultant, retreat leader and educator. For the last 30 years his career has been dedicated to facilitating transformation through organizational change.

Thom is passionate about resolving the breadth of issues around good leadership, improving cultures and bringing awareness to those in positions of power so they understand themselves more deeply and care about the impact they have on their people and environment. He and his team strive to bring healing and renewal in the face of dysfunction in the workplace, remodeling cultures to help the Feminine take her full place, in men and women, and to balance the unhealthy Masculine that pervades our institutions. It is a route to real inclusion and the elimination of the abuse of power.

You can learn more about Thom on his website https://www.serenityinleadership.com/ where you can also get details about the leadership retreat Thom mentions and other upcoming events: https://www.serenityinleadership.com/events

You can also follow and connect with Thom on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thomdennis/


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