Ep 231: Karen Chaston – Courage to Find a Better Way

Karen Chaston was a CFO, CPA, and senior manager for more than 25 years.

In 2011, her life changed forever. She found herself on a road to a personal, professional, and spiritual journey culminating in becoming a Beyond Loss Life Coach. Karen is co-founder of The Chaston Centre, she is an international speaker and best-selling author.

Karen’s first-hand experience assisted The Chaston Centre in creating retreats and programs which demonstrate the correlations between loss, people, and all areas of life.

When individuals embrace these concepts, they will easily move beyond any kind of loss and create a better everyday life.

When companies embrace these concepts, they unlock the people and profits connection. Providing tangible solutions that will help them to make the best possible product, offer the best possible customer experience and build the strongest possible company.

You can learn more about Karen’s amazing story as well as the programs she has to offer on her website: https://karenchaston.com/

If you are interested in any of Karen’s books, they are available on Amazon and on her Chaston Centre website bookshelf: https://www.thechastoncentre.com/bookshelf/


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