Ep 205: Iris Grimm – Courage to be Direct but Compassionate

Iris Grimm is an experienced coach and workshop facilitator who brings a holistic and unique approach to the leadership development space. Her clients are high-performing entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate executives who are committed to getting more out of themselves, their teams, and their lives.

Iris’s trademark program is called “Dog-Gone Leadership” where her clients learn and implement practical leadership strategies that come from the experience of living and working with dogs. She makes it her mission to raise awareness of the impact that dogs can have on our lives and encourages dog adoptions from shelters to improve our life and work performance.

Iris’s services are acutely tuned to both professional and personal growth so that her clients maximize their potential as leaders and as human beings.

To learn more about Iris and her “Dog-Gone Leadership” program, check out her website: https://irisgrimm.com/


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