Ep 204: Mari-Liis Vaher – Courage to Gain Clarity and Direction

Mari-Liis is an international marketing strategist, a podcast host, and founder and head coach of Powerful Marketers, a unique marketing building framework with a supportive network.

Her insights have been featured in Director Leadership Magazine since 2020 (ongoing) and she has over 7 years of coaching and leadership experience (first started as a mentor in the Institute of Marketing 2015). Mari-Liis has worked with business owners from 3 different continents by successfully teaching, inspiring, and supporting them personally and professionally.

With almost 20 years of practical, hands-on experience, Mari-Liis empowers business owners to be ready and well-equipped for any obstacle in their way!

You can learn more about Mari-Liis and her programs on her website: https://powerful-marketers.com/. Her podcast is called Powerful Marketing Tips and is available on her website and other podcast platforms.


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