Ep 203: Jeff Wickersham – Courage to Spend Time on Yourself

Jeff Wickersham is a sought-after mindset and peak performance coach who helps guide clients to intentionally step into the best versions of themselves and unlock that inner hero waiting to be unleashed. 

Jeff’s a #1 best-selling author, Tony Robbins award winner, podcast host, and a practitioner of what he teaches.  He recently completed his second David Goggins 4x4x48 Mile run, has meditated for 1,621 straight days, and taken an ice bath or cold shower 1,276 straight days. 

If you have that itch that you can be more, do more, want more, Jeff can help guide you there. 

You can learn more about Jeff and his programs on his website: https://www.themorningfire.com/. Also, grab a copy of his book – Rise, Fight, Love, Repeat – available on Amazom.com

While you’re at it, check out Jeff’s mastermind group – Kings of Sparta.


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