You Have Arrived

Hello 2016!

I’m not big on making new year’s resolutions. If you’re honest with yourself, the topic of your resolution is more than likely something that you SHOULD have been doing all along, right? What’s holding you back?

You’ve been planning on making a change – a new career, a healthier relationship, a healthier lifestyle, moving from an apartment to a house, changing cities or locating to the opposite coast – but for some reason the timing just hasn’t been right. Something is missing or something has to be in place BEFORE you make the final leap. Or are these just excuses? Procrastination? Fear?

Martin Luther King once said “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” You know that the change you’re considering is right; it will be good for you, so why not make it? Just start. Start from where you are right now and take that first, tiny step. Make a plan and give yourself a timeline for accomplishing the goal. Every step in the right direction – no matter how small – is still getting you closer to your goal. And it will get easier.

If you have considered making a change and would like some help clarifying and focusing your goals, contact me to schedule a FREE GOAL SETTING consultation.

During this FREE 60-minute consultation, we will look at your current situation; discuss your life’s goals, the barriers to your success, and give you personalized, and strategic feedback. You will leave with:

  1. Clarity about the business and/or life you really want to have
  2. Knowledge of the #1 thing standing in your way
  3. Powerful actions that will move you towards the business, career, relationship and life you desire

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