Episode 75: James Rosseau Sr. – Courage to Lean In and Listen

James Rosseau is the CEO of The Corelink Solution; a non-profit organization focused on revitalizing communities by empowering people to reach their potential. He serves on the DeVry board of trustees, works with Think-Human to help client partners and teams achieve transformational results, and is the author of Success on Your Own Terms: 6 Promises to Fire up your Passion, Ignite Your Career and Create an Amazing Life.

During his twenty years in leadership in companies such as JPMorgan Chase (where he was a Senior Vice President in Chase Card Services and HR Service Delivery), Allstate Insurance (where he was president of the Affinity business), and LegalShield (where he was president of Business Solutions and then Chief Commercial Officer), James has created and guided high-performing teams through delivering double-digit growth, mergers and acquisitions, offshoring, outsourcing, startups, and well over 300 partnerships.

James has a wife (Aishah) of 24 years, a son (James, Jr. – a budding entrepreneur), a hairless cat (Roxxi), and lives in Wilmington, DE.

You can connect with James on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamesrosseausr/

Find out more about James’ work at Corelink Solutions by visiting their website: https://thecorelinksolution.com/

You can find links to the Corelink Solutions Podcast, the Success Thought of the Day Podcast, and James’s book: Success on Your Own Terms here: https://linktr.ee/jamesrosseausr

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