Episode 56: Nermin Jasani – Courage to Bounce Back

Nermin Jasani is a growth management consultant for lawyers, doctors, and dentists. She is the principal consultant at the “We Are Wildly Successful” law firm. She is a recovered lawyer and acts as a COO for dental and medical practices.

Nermin got her start as a Wall Street Attorney. She has worked in every business area imaginable, including tech startups, construction, manufacturing, and retail. 

Working with medical and dental practices and lawyers is her specialty, and it’s what she has succeeded at, time and time again.

While she calls Atlanta home, she is still a New Yorker at heart.

Find out more about We Are Wildly Successful Law Firm on their website: www.wearews.com

You can follow Nermin on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nerminjasani/

You can find Nermin’s great videos on YouTube Wildly Successful Law Firm

And pick up a copy of Nermin’s book: “How To Be Type-A Without Being an A-Hole” available on Amazon.

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