Episode 39: Jennifer Vogel – Integrated Courage

Jennifer Vogel is a passionate, results-driven Executive Coach specializing in leadership development.  She is the co-founder of Envision Evolution Group, LLC and founder of The Equilibrium Coaching Institute, where she serves as Director of Training.

She is an ICF (International Coach Federation) trained assessor and mentor. Jenn has authored several publications, including C-BOK: The Coaches’ Body of Knowledge; The Equilibrium Model; Holistic Coaching; and Inside-out Coaching Models.

The consistent theme present across all of Jenn’s work since 2020, (whether coaching C-Level Executives, individuals in career transition, frontline healthcare workers, or training coach students) is how to find Equilibrium in the midst of new challenges when none of our prior cognitive templates work. 

Jennifer has a Masters of Managerial Science with a dual concentration in HR and Business Analytics; she is also an ICF Master Certified Coach.

Find out more about The Equilibrium Coaching Institute at their website www.envevo.com

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