Episode 149: Derrick McManus – Courage to Achieve More Through Human Durability and Resilience

Do you find it stressful when people say, “You need to be more resilient”, without giving you any insight into how to do it? Would you or your team like to achieve more success with less stress?

My guest today is the epitome of resilience. Help me welcome Derrick McManus – Human Durability and High-Performance Mental Health coach.

Derrick is the Founder of the Australian Center for Human Durability. In a former life, Derrick was a police sniper, recovery diver and trained by the military SAS in counter-terrorist operations.

During one police mission to serve a warrant and arrest a known criminal, Derrick was shot 14 times with a high-powered rifle and lay on the ground for 3-hours before being rescued. Doctors say he defied the odds to survive those massive injuries. Derrick, better than anyone else, knows the importance of psychology and the dynamics of mental fitness, agility, and strength.

Human Durability is about going beyond resilience to sustaining optimal performance with less stress. Everyone improves with Human Durability training.

You can learn more about Derrick’s programs on his website: https://humandurability.com.au/. You can also connect with Derrick and follow him on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/derrickmcmanus/


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