Episode 135: Jordan Ilderton – Courage to Stick With What You Know and Love

If you are a business owner and you find yourself saying things like:

  • I work so hard on my business and don’t take home the income I thought I would
  • I’m so busy running my business I don’t have time for anything else
  • I feel so alone running my business

Then you need to connect with today’s guest.

Jordan Ilderton wants to be your Holistic CFO.  Her approach is different than that of most CPAs and bookkeepers.  She partners with a handful of business owners who want to grow and expand their businesses.  Jordan believes this is a more comprehensive and holistic bookkeeping/CPA experience.

Jordan works with so many business owners who truly give their heart and soul to their business and they do not see the returns. They receive their financial reports but don’t know how to read them.  They hear numbers and percentages, but do not know what to do with the information.  They spin their wheels and are not where they thought they would be. Jordan decided to use her training and experience to partner with entrepreneurs to increase profitability and grow their businesses. Jordan wants to help YOU understand YOUR money so you can make more of it.

To learn more about Jordan and her programs, check out her website: https://ildertonbookkeepingllc.com/ or on social media as @ildertonbookkeepingllc

And be sure to check out her Masterclass, available from the website: https://ildertonbookkeepingllc.com/masterclass/


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