Ep 243: Alex Brueckmann- Courage to Think and Act Strategically

Alex Brueckmann is a board director, strategy facilitator, speaker, and author. He works at the intersection of strategy, leadership, performance, and empowerment.

Alex’s new books, “Secrets of Next-Level Entrepreneurs” and “The Strategy Legacy”, have received near-ecstatic advance praise, from entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and leading academics alike. Alex has impacted thousands of business leaders across the world, from multinationals to start-ups. He holds degrees and certificates in management, leadership, and strategy from EBS European Business School (Germany), INSEAD (France), and Harvard Business School (USA).

You can learn more about Alex on his website: https://brueckmann.ca or you can connect and follow Alex on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexanderbrueckmann/

You can grab a copy of Alex’s book on his website (https://brueckmann.ca/books) or on Amazon.com.


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