Happy Monday!

MondayCoffeeI spotted this image online and had to laugh. Can you relate?
This used to be me. Most mornings I would wake up and be just fine; give me a cup of coffee and I’d be ready to start my day. However, when Monday mornings came around it was a little harder to get going. Is it that way for you, too?
I think Mondays are tough because we all think about what lies ahead; the work, the meetings, the email, the commute, dealing with delays, connections, and co-workers. It’s a bit overwhelming, isn’t it?
What changed for me wasn’t the workload or the commute or even the strength of my coffee; what changed was my attitude. To be honest it’s not WHAT happens to us that makes our lives easy or hard, it’s how we REACT to the things that happen to us. It’s how we choose to react to these things and with that being the case you can CHOOSE whether you are in a good mood or bad, whether you like your job or not, whether you stay at your current job or not. It’s all choices, it’s our choice; our decision.
So, before you go for that first or second cup of coffee – and before you hit that snooze button for the umpteenth time – make the decision to change your Monday and all Mondays from here on out. Make the choice to not let the things that lay ahead of you this week get you down or overwhelm you. And why should it? You’ve been through it all before and you’re still here, right? There’s nothing out there that you can’t handle, there’s nothing ahead that you don’t have the knowledge, skills, and support to get through. You know what’s expected and what you can expect, so just get to it and get through it.
What if there is something new? What if there is something different? Again, it’s how you look at it so make the decision now to look these challenges as an adventure! You may learn something new, you may meet some interesting people, and those are GOOD things, right? So go ahead! Meet the challenges of the week head-on.
But don’t forget to top off your coffee first!

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