Episode 66: Kawan Karadaghi – Courage to Find Your Strength

After many years of trials and self-discovery, Kawan Karadaghi stumbled into fitness and journeyed his way into becoming a master trainer. He wouldn’t be where he is without mentors and business partners. He now owns and operates three gyms with a plan for expansion.

Kawan serves as a guide to help others find their strengths by problem-solving and continuous improvement. He also hosts a podcast called ValueVerse to talk about the stories of mastery, growth, and success. He’s fascinated by the intertwining in business, leadership, nature, and philosophy.

You can connect with Kawan at his website: https://thevalueverse.com/ or on Instagram: @ValueVerse

Plug into Kawan’s podcast – The ValueVerse – here: https://thevalueverse.com/. Also available on Apple/iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

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