Episode 62: Tricia Molloy – Courage to Believe in Yourself

Tricia Molloy is an expert on developing a positive mindset to reduce stress, achieve goals, and enjoy better balance. She’s a leadership speaker for organizations like Siemens and Vistage, the author of Working with Wisdom, and a coach for professionals who crave more success at work and in life.

In her “CRAVE Your Goals!” virtual and onsite programs, Tricia inspires professionals to lead with courage and confidence by using strategies like affirmations and visualization. She also presents “Better Balance: The Why, What and How of Work-Life Integration” and “Picture This!” vision board workshops. 

A former journalist and radio talk show producer, Tricia began her entrepreneurial journey in 1988 with a full-service public relations firm. After she wrote her book in 2006 and began building her speaking business, she chose to offer only one unique marketing service. Tricia interviews her clients’ clients and writes compelling testimonials for their marketing.

To learn more about Tricia’s leadership development business, check out her website: https://www.triciamolloy.com/

To learn more about her testimonial-writing services, go to her communications website: http://www.molloycom.com/testimonial-writing-service/

Tricia has offered a free eBook for those who want to learn more about her CRAVE formula by sending her an email at tricia@triciamolloy.com. Be sure to put “CRAVE” in the subject line.

You can also order her book from her website (under /resources) or from Amazon.

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