Episode 44: Vincent Mezzatesta – Courage to Rebound

Vincent Mezzatesta is the President of Next-Level Strategies, Inc., a medical office business practice consultancy based in New York.

Vincent is an US Army veteran where he served 2 years active duty and 6 years reserve duty as a Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Weapons specialist and had a sub-specialty as a medic. Prior to starting his consulting business, Vincent worked at Clean Earth Inc., a hazardous waste facility doing compliance. He also worked in IT and, for a short time, owned a landscaping company with my ex-brothers-in-law. 

Vincent started managing a medical practice when he realized that while doctors, like most professionals, are brilliant at what they do, they are not always savvy when it comes to managing their business. Vincent started his consultancy on the side. His accountant warned that Vincent that he was making too much money on 1099 and suggested that he incorporate to take advantage of the corporate benefits, and his consultancy was launched.

Fortunately, Vincent worked for someone who wanted to see him thrive. That physician referred Vincent to his colleagues who in turn referred Vincent to their colleagues, and that’s how his business grew.

Vincent credits his prior military experience and his knack for being disciplined for his success with Next-Level Strategies. Vincent says, “I found that doctors who are extremely smart when it comes to diagnosing a person’s medical problem are extremely inefficient at running a medical practice.” He points to the amount of compliance required in the medical field as one of the reasons his business has thrived. Vincent lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife and 4 daughters.

You can connect with Vincent on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vincent-mezzatesta-05273a212/

You can also email Vincent at nlstrategies@gmail.com or call him: 917-251-4706.

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