Episode 4: Jeff Bartholomew – Courage to be Bold

Jeff Bartholomew is highly successful business coach and founder of Everest Business Coaching. Everest partners with business owners to help grow revenues, increase profits, drive key efficiencies, and build strong, accountable teams.

Before starting Everest, Jeff spent more than 30-years at Steelcase in sales, sales leadership and global sales management roles. He has travelled to four continents (knowing Jeff, he probably played GOLF on all four continents, right?) and worked in more than twenty countries.

Additionally, Jeff worked as a Director of Coaching + Development and conducted more than 400 one-on-one coaching sessions. In that role, he also trained 1,000+ people on: Sales Techniques, Advanced Coaching for Leaders, Conducting Global Business and Relating to Different Cultures

Jeff also served on the board at the J. Whitney Bunting School of Business at Georgia College and as Chair of the Marketing Advisory Board.

Everest Business Coaching: www.everestbusinesscoaching.com

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