Episode 3: Brittany Taylor – Social Courage and the Courage to be Seen

In this episode, I am speaking with fellow entrepreneur, fellow podcaster and video blogger, copy and content writer, life coach, super-mom, and all-around badass, Brittany Taylor. She is the host of the “Attracted to Healthy” podcast which can be found on Apple Podcast and other media outlets.

Brittany is a 32-year old single mom of 2. She considers herself a wellness-seeking, open book. She likes to take bits and pieces of her life, share her story, and use it to help other people create new definitions of love.

As a graduate of the JRNI Life Coach Intensive, Brittany takes an ethical, trauma-informed approach to coaching and helping people reach their personal and professional goals.

Brittany is a freelance writer by day and a life coach in between that and homeschooling her children. When she’s not doing those things, she’s working on building a database for single parents to find the resources in their area that they need to thrive.

You can find Brittany on Instagram: @attracted.to.healthy

Brittany’s website: www.attractedtohealthy.com

You can find her podcast on Apple Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/attracted-to-healthy/id1547156141

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