Episode 27: Jake Mullins – Courage to Look Forward

Jacob Mullins is a proud husband to Kelly and a father of three beautiful children. They live on a farm south of Atlanta where they believe in the simple life. Faith has shaped their family life and they are active in their church and community.

Jake has over 20 years of executive leadership experience including large, publicly traded companies. He is the founder of Mullins Pro Realty Group and the Beer and Business Podcast.

Mullins Pro Realty Group is a market-leading real estate company that is experiencing explosive growth – doubling in size the past few years. The Beer and Business Podcast is a fresh take on the business podcast genre infusing comedy and entertainment to a mostly educational format.

Jake is also the author of Adapted Leadership – A New Breakthrough on Harnessing Leadership Style. Prior to starting Mullins Pro Realty Group, Jake spent over 17 years in various executive leadership positions. He served Teleperformance as the Executive Vice President of Strategic Accounts for two years. During his tenure, he led the fastest growing client in Teleperformance’s global portfolio. He was responsible for global client relationships and operations in 11 countries.

Prior to joining AT&T, Jake was an entrepreneur and started his own technology business. He operated his company for 5 years before selling it. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Everglades University in Florida. He graduated Summa Cum Laude as the Valedictorian with a 4.0 GPA.

If you are in the Metro Atlanta area and are looking for properties, reach out to Jake and the Mullins Pro Realty Group at https://www.mullinsprorealty.com/

Be sure to listen to the Beer and Business podcast at https://www.beer.business/

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