Episode 25: Bob Berschinski – Courage of Conviction

Bob Berschinski , along with his wife Susan, is the owner and publisher of Hometown  Magazine.  This past year they celebrated both fifty years of marriage and thirty years as proprietors of Hometown Directories Inc. They are also thirty-year residents of Peachtree City, where they raised their two sons.

Bob and Susan spent the first twenty years of their local business lives publishing small format telephone directories which served the South Metro Atlanta Area.  Beginning in 2010 they began a several years long pivot away from phone books and into the direct mail advertising business.

They developed and now publish Hometown Magazine which offers local businesses a means to reach upto 60,000 selected local consumers through direct mail while minimizing expenses by sharing production and mailing costs with other top businesses. Over the past ten years Hometown Magazine has come to be recognized as a valuable tool for businesses seeking to serve the local market.

Check out Hometown Magazine at www.htmagazineinfo.com or via email at htmagazineinfo@gmail.com

Post Production Note: Bob Berschinski died on April 19, 2021, just a few short weeks after this recording. He was 68 years old.

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