Ep 168: Doug McIsaac – Courage to Ask for Help in Lead Gen and Marketing

Consultant and Coach Doug McIsaac is an entrepreneur at heart and enjoys helping other business owners develop and implement strategies to grow their businesses. Doug has been utilizing online tools to build businesses since 1997 when he built the Rocky Mountain Technology Group or RMTG, Billings, MT-based software company from a $6,000 investment into a multi-million dollar, 30-employee company.

In 2005 Doug retired from RMTG and realized that the best way for most businesses to market effectively was to use integrated online marketing campaigns to drive customers through their doors. In the past seventeen years, Doug has split his time between winning national awards for his campaigns — driving millions of dollars into the coffers of his clients — and speaking and coaching on internet marketing and social media marketing.

In 2019 Doug started coaching other consultants one on one and has now built the McIsaac Doctrine that helps consultants and coaches develop a consulting business that enables them to reach and exceed their business and professional goals.

To learn more about Doug’s programs, check out his website: http://www.thethoughtleaders.co/

Also, check out Doug’s blog site: https://dougmcisaac.com/


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