Episode 16: David Edmonson – The Courage to Focus

David Edmonson believes life should be as simple as possible. It’s been his life’s work, and the work of his company, to find an easier way to solve complex situations.

David’s background includes spending time working in disaster relief, video production, web hosting and even working in a warehouse, all of which helped build a rounded view of business and people.

David found a passion for problem solving that he’s been able to carry with him everywhere he goes. Even as a teen, he was drawn to technology. Working with an IBM industry veteran as a mentor, he learned to disassemble computers to their component parts and then reassembled the usable pieces into functioning systems that they could sell or donate into the community. Those formative years taught him valuable lessons and framed his life views.

Variux started as a website hosting company and David began to see the broken parts of the system. Ecommerce, and specifically, Magento seemed to be an area of complexity with many barriers to the business owner. It became clear that this was where his efforts needed to be focused, and the Variux of today began to take shape.

Today, David leads the team as both a mentor and a participant. Variux helps companies plan or fix their online stores so that they run better and stronger with the least amount of friction.

Learn more at VARIUX: www.variux.com or call them at 678-667-2185.

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