Episode 15: Andrea Welfle – Courage to Try Something New

Andrea Welfle, originally from northern Ohio, moved to Newnan with her husband and two sons just 3 years ago! She initially came down for a company starting to do business for Pinewood Studios, but they later pulled their contract leaving Andrea and her husband both without work. When they could have tucked their tails between their legs and gone back to family in Ohio, the couple instead pushed even harder to make an even better life for themselves here.

Andrea has worked in many different fields, which has helped her learn to adapt and be flexible in life.  She started as a hair stylist and educator right out of high school and worked those jobs while putting herself back through college.  She earned her degree in Business Administration and Marketing all while working full time, planning a wedding, building her first home and helping to raise her stepson. She is a strong believer in always learning new things, pushing yourself to do and be better, and helping others along the way.

Andrea started her dream business, Percolate Coffee Shop & Boutique with a close friend last year and officially opened their doors in mid-December 2020. Their focus is on quality ingredients and products, supporting other local artists, practicing sustainability whenever possible, and giving back to the local community!

Percolate Coffee Shop & Boutique: 21 Market Square Suite 102, Newnan, GA www.percolatenewnan.com

Find them on Instagram and Facebook @PercolateNewnan

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