Episode 147: Jermane Cheathem – Courage to Grow and Never Be Stagnant

Jermane Cheathem is a self-described “minimalist entrepreneur that has created financial freedom by doing less.

Jermane grew up in a broken home; abandoned, scared, fearful. His life changed when he discovered sports and found his competitive spirit. Jermane never looked back.

Jermane went into sales determined to win. He set company sales records yet felt empty looking at the commission checks. How could he contribute so much value to the company and be paid so little? He knew then that he was playing the wrong game and decided to become an entrepreneur.

Now, after perfecting his business model and completing tens of millions in funded transactions, Jermane is on a mission to empower sales professionals to become financially independent by doing less; working smarter, not harder. Jermane enjoys the freedom of working from anywhere in the world and joins us today from Turkey.

To learn more about Jermane and his programs, check out the website: https://createrslearn.com or follow Jermane on Instagram @jermanecheathem


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