Ep 247: Karette Trottman – Courage and Desire to Be Well

Karette Trottman is proud to be the founder of VirtualKarette VA Services and is passionate about helping entrepreneurs build a business empire and create a legacy they are proud of.

Along with a growing team of eight, Karette operates two businesses, an Online Business Management service and a Business Mentoring service. Karette launched her first business in 2018 and her second business in 2021 and so Karette has a great appreciation for the many highs and lows that come with being an entrepreneur.

Karette helps entrepreneurs and business owners find more freedom and fulfillment in the running of their businesses. She does this through educational content such as digital resources, group webinars, and speaking engagements such as podcast features and featuring as a guest expert to online private communities; speaking on the topic of how to save time and accelerate the growth of your business by effective delegating.

Entrepreneurship is a journey, not a destination and so it should be enjoyed. It is to this end that Karette supports entrepreneurs and business owners who are at the start-up or growth stage of their business and are looking to incorporate delegation in their operational practice but don’t know where to start.

You can learn more about Karette and her service offerings on her website: https://virtualkarette.com/. You can also connect with and follow Karette on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/karette-trottman/) or on Instagram (@virtualkarette/ ).


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