Ep 235: Devin Sizemore – Courage to Build High-Value Networks

Devin Sizemore is a serial entrepreneur that has owned a variety of companies from an online marketing company to a cat café and more.

He currently owns Your Referral Partner and teaches professionals how to build high-value networks that generate ongoing connections. He has helped hundreds of businesses and professionals scale their businesses and loves sharing best practices whenever possible!

Each year he makes and receives hundreds of connections. These connections lead to jobs, investments, strategic partnerships, and much more! When he is not running his business, he is traveling with his family, or you might find him on a golf course.

You can learn more about Devin and the Your Referral Partner program on his website: http://yourreferralpartner.com/. You can also connect with and follow Devin on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dpsizemore/


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