Ep 221: Brian Will – Courage to Check Your Ego

Brian Will is a Serial Entrepreneur and an industry-leading Business and Sales Management Consultant.

During his career, Brian has created or co-created seven very successful companies in four different industries. These companies were worth over half a billion dollars at their peak.

Currently, Brian owns a chain of restaurants in the Atlanta area as well as a Real Estate company and sits on the City Council in Alpharetta Georgia.

Brian is also the Author of the Wall Street Journal Bestselling book “The Dropout Multi-millionaire.”

You can learn more about Brian his book – The Dropout Multi-Millionaire – on his website: https://brianwillmedia.com/. Be sure to check out his podcast – The Brian Will Show – also available on his website.

You can also connect with and follow Brian on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brian-will-07823b6/


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