Ep 219: Nia Dara – Courage to Push Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone

Nia Dara, mother of two, a work-from-home mama-preneur, and a newbie standup comic. Nia has made it her mission to empower people by helping them to tap into their passion, creativity, and joy.

Nia guides them in building online businesses that give them the ability to serve and uplift their communities while defining their own journey into the wild world of online entrepreneurship.

Nia is the Founder of ndny studio, a creative consultancy that provides digital design and branding services across various industries such as women’s wellness, fin-tech, energy, fast-casual dining, the arts, coaching, speaking, and many more. She knows firsthand what’s needed to reinvent a brand for lasting staying power.

You can find out more about Nia and her work consultancy on her website: https://www.ndny.studio/. Be sure you sign up for Nia’s newsletter.

You can also follow her on LinkedIn and other social media platforms @hello.niadara (Instagram) or @hello_niadara (Twitter)


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