Ep 211: Sean Weisbrot – Courage to Explore Something Different

Sean Weisbrot is an American entrepreneur, investor, and advisor who lived in Asia for 14 years.

After getting a degree in Psychology, he bought a one-way ticket to China at the age of 22. He lived in China for 10 years and taught himself to be fluent and literate in Mandarin at the business level.

He started multiple businesses in Asia, including an agency that sold $15M in services in 18 months. In 2018 he started NERV, a B2B Software as a Service company.

In 2020, he started “We Live to Build” a podcast about entrepreneurship and psychology where he interviews business owners grossing 7-9 figures annually. Then, in 2022, he turned “We Live to Build” into a consulting firm with fractional executive services.

You can learn more about Sean, his podcasts, and his travels by following him on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@seanweisbrot

You can also follow and connect with Sean on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sean_weisbrot


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