Ep 184: Leonard & Julia Arambam – Courage to Share Your Knowledge and Skills with the Community

Leonard and Julia Arambam are the co-founders of Toodley, an Education Technology Platform with a vision to make every home a place of learning. They do this by offering an online platform to connect instructors and students for live, in-person classes.

Leonard and Julia believe that everyone has a skill or a hobby (that may currently be unused and going to waste) they can share with others in their local community. Their mission is to empower people in this country to share their passions, hobbies, and skills with students in their local community by teaching a class on the topics they love.

You can learn more about Toodley and explore the current list of courses on the website: https://toodley.com/ or email them directly at leonard@toodley.com or julia@toodley.com


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