Ep 178: Garin Dem – Courage to Adapt to Survive

Garin Demirjian is a business consultant. She grew up in Toronto and has lived in Los Angeles for the past 14 years.  She has studied psychology, Human Resources, and finances which have helped her with her business endeavors.  

Garin has worked in the corporate space and philanthropy for many years which helped her develop her love for helping others. This led to her entrepreneurial journey within her consulting business.  Garin Dem Executive Consultants helps entrepreneurs go from start-up to six-figure success with internal and external strategies.  

Garin will meet you where you are in your business and help you get to that next level of success. She helps her clients through one on one coaching and is in the process of developing an e-course called The Mindset Principles which is the first step in hitting six-figure success.

You can learn more about Garin and her services by checking out her website: http://garindem.com/

You can also find Garin on LinkedIn and Instagram.


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