Ep 175: Carol Marzouk – Courage to Manage Conflict and Feel Joy

Carol Marzouk is the Executive Lion Tamer. Consider this:

  • When professionals or executives throw chairs or cause conflicts at work…
  • When the senior leadership team needs to pull together…
  • When your client works with people they cannot stand…

You call Carol. She can tame those Lions and their Pride!

Carol Marzouk is a speaker and coach. She is the CEO and Chief Lion Tamer at Leadership N Soul (leadershipnsoul.com)

Carol says that it IS possible to transform behavior in the workplace! Having worked more than two decades for large corporations observing and feeling the conflicts and toxicity that destroy people and companies, Carol became a Behavior Strategist & Workplace Relationships Expert to inspire leaders and teams to positively impact the bottom line while retaining their soul and integrity.

Truth is… you can get your time, peace, and sanity back – All while staying on top of your game AND growing your business by 25-30% in a year – WITHOUT investing in any expensive marketing tactics, buying new leads, or hiring new salespeople.

To learn more about Carol and her programs, check out her website: https://leadershipnsoul.com/ or email her directly at carol@executiveliontamer.com


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