Ep 162: Kim Hayden – Courage to Quit Waiting and Take Action

From Kansas to Canada, Kim Hayden has always worked to be a good neighbor and leader. In every endeavor through Servant Leadership, Kim has repeatedly excelled in several industries.

A 22-year award-winning Real Estate Career, TV Producer, Red Carpet Event Host, Author, Producer, and Speaker are just a few of Kim’s accomplishments. Now bringing a lifetime of experiences and work together in the form of the Resilient Series, Kim is on a quest to grow audience awareness and expand the stage by working with women to create their multimedia authority content and produce opportunities through agency.

Self-proclaimed Queen of Resilience, Kim Hayden addresses the pain points of Confidence, Credibility, and Relevance that many women are challenged with, by sharing Kim’s stories and strategies that built a 6 and 7-figure career while overcoming the “imposter’’ feel due to a childhood of disadvantage.

You can learn more about Kim and her programs on her website: https://www.resilientseries.com/

You can also connect with Kim on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kim-hayden-74a203181/


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