Ep 158: Sean O’Rourke – Courage to Look for Opportunities

Sean O’Rourke is a full-time husband, father of 4, and a real estate investor. He hated his boss and his job as a production manager at a plant. He decided to make a change and I started learning about real estate.

Sean was broke, but then figure out how to operate in the real estate market with no money. He started wholesaling properties and in his first year, he completed 36 deals and made over $300k. Sean was able to accomplish all of this while working a full-time job supporting his wife and 4 kids!

Sean became an authority in his area as he grew, and people realized his success was real. He quickly made a name for himself. Sean started using private investors to fund his deals. He is now a full-time investor with over 250 residential properties and 600 mini storage units. He also owns multiple commercial properties.

Sean was able to learn to do all of this by listing to podcasts and watching YouTube videos. Sean is an inspiration for people who want to do the same. Sean says that anyone can do this with some knowledge and willingness to work.

To learn more about Sean and his program – 90 Days to Escape Your 9-5, check out his website: highperformanceedu.com

You can also connect with Sean on Facebook or Instagram (bearded_investor)


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