Episode 23: Albert Marshall – Courage to “Just Do It”

Albert Marshall began his career with Arthur Murray Dance Studios in Talahasee, Florida while in high school. After college at Florida State, he migrated to Wisconsin and managed three dance studios, quickly discovering that he was morbidly allergic to harsh winters and ice.

He moved back to Florida and began working with both Arthur Murray Studios and Walt Disney World. After years of employment with those companies, he got into real estate. He remained in real estate until 2009 when he was offered to be the manager of a sushi restaurant in Aruba. Albert eventually moved back to the United States and took a medical sales position consulting for radiology departments in hospitals.

Albert has been a Champion Latin Division dancer, real estate agent, a manager of a sushi restaurant, and a consultant to hospitals across the nation.

Because he enjoys helping others, Albert made the decision in 2012 to become a LegalShield Associate, offering a portfolio of legal and identify theft services – protecting the legal rights and identities of families, small businesses, and commercial drivers. He specializes in the small business and employee benefits division, where he helps small businesses affordably protect and grow their business and offer a voluntary benefit to their employees at no out-of-pocket expense to the employer.

You can connect with Albert Marshall on Facebook or, to learn more about LegalShield, go to www.albertmarshall.com.

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