I have been working with Harlan over the past few months with a focus on managing and embracing growth in my company. He has been instrumental in providing me with the tools I need to put plans in place to grow my business through pricing, capacity planning and staffing. He holds me accountable to the weekly goals that we set together and I can see how it is paying off now. I highly recommend Harlan to any business owner who truly wants and needs to focus on growing their business. Mary Buzzeo – Coaching Client

I met with Coach Harlan on the advice of a colleague who is also a client of his. On our initial visit, Coach Harlan said “give me 2 hours a week and I’ll give you back a day.” I can say that has been more than true. He’s walked me through quite a few techniques for time management, stress management, as well as operational guidelines. In the time that we’ve been working together, not only do I get more accomplished in my day, my blood pressure has decreased and I’m enjoying what I do more and more. Coach Harlan’s duties go well above and beyond the time he spends with me each week. Everyone who runs a business needs a business coach…more specifically, they need a Coach Harlan. Michael Lail – Coaching Client

I worked with Harlan during a difficult and challenging software implementation at Howden North America. Harlan was responsible for Change Management where he was very efficient, thorough and effective. I enjoyed working with Harlan and have great respect for his knowledge, leadership and skills. I am recommending Harlan and would encourage any organization to utilize his expertise. Geoff Harriman – Consulting Client

Harlan was instrumental and very helpful in supporting our division implement a new ERP system. He was very easy to work with and his depth of knowledge and extensive experience made the accomplishment of this undertaking plausible. Dimitris Oktapodas – Consulting Client

I worked closely with Harlan on an SAP deployment at Coca-Cola; as Change Lead he brought a diverse skill set in combining his business process knowledge with SAP experience. He worked very well with all levels of the project team and had a great command of the issues at hand and the best approach to solve them. I would recommend him highly for any large-scale Change and Training project position. Mark Biedenbender – Consulting Colleague

I worked with Harlan during the implementation of Dynamic AX an ERP system we recently implemented at Howden. Harlan’s experience as a Change Lead was instrumental in the success of our implementation. He also showed skills in the development of new Howden employees as they became involved in this major project. David McDowell – Consulting Client

Harlan is an Instructional Design professional I would recommend highly. We worked together as colleagues on the US Army Logistics Modernization Project. We were responsible for developing and delivering Supply Chain sustainment training. Harlan developed exceptional training materials for Demand Planning in APO, thorough, based on sound adult learning principals, task-oriented, and role-specific. He demonstrated deep knowledge of APO, great classroom presentation skills, and patience with leaners while delivering group training and desk-side coaching. Larry Leef – Consulting Colleague

I highly recommend Harlan Hammack for change management projects and opportunities. He brings a great blend of project management, problem-solving, and people skills to any project. At The Coca-Cola Company, he was an integral part of our change management team. He has a very deep knowledge of change management issues and how to help people move in new directions. He communicates clearly and effectively with all levels within an organization, including senior management. He’s very good at suggesting and presenting solutions. He has a very positive temperament and is patient when working with client associates. He was a valuable contributor to our North American project and I truly enjoyed working with him. John Stuit – Consulting Client

Harlan was leading the Change Management aspect during a difficult transition in our company to a new ERP system. He was a calming voice of reason that always offered helpful suggestions to assist in managing my department and our division during a stressful time. I learned a great deal from him and still put to use some of his approaches in my current roles. I greatly enjoyed working with Harlan, strongly recommend him for future work and hope our paths cross again someday. Jack T. Smith – Consulting Client

Harlan led the change management in a very challenging ERP implementation for Howden North America. MS AX Dynamics required a significant departure from the procedures and processes previously used. Harlan ensured that throughout the implementation all parties were kept fully engaged and informed of how the implementation would impact individuals and groups. He quickly identified issues so that the team could communicate, train, persuade, involve the right people at the right time. I would welcome an opportunity to work with Harlan on a future project. John Greenwood – Consulting Client

I had the pleasure of working with Harlan Hammack on the LMP Army Logistics Project in a group of trainers and instructional design developers. He is a pleasure to work with as he is highly knowledgeable in instructional design methodology and best practices. He brings many years experience to the table and in this regard is ‘nose down’ in his work, and always strives to provide the client with great context-related documentation design and output. I would recommend Harlan for any project in any training capacity and look forward to another opportunity to work with him again. Laura Pogliano – Consulting Colleague

I had the pleasure of working with Harlan on the U.S. Army Logistics Modernization Program. At the time Harlan was the Instructional Designer and Instructor for the APO Demand Planning course. Harlan was an outstanding instructor. His course was of the highest quality and his participant evaluations placed him in the top 1% performance bracket. Also during my time working with Harlan, he helpd me develop and execute several changemanagementt initiatives which were extremely successful.

I highly recommend Harlan both for his instructional capabilities as well as his change management talents. I hope someday I have the opportunity of working with him again. Jeff Klabish – Consulting Client/Colleague

Harlan is one of the best consultants that I have ever worked with. He is a person of incredibly high character who always goes above and beyond to do great work. Anyone would be lucky to have a person who is not only great at their job, but a pleasure to see every day at work. Nathan Rowell – Consulting Colleague

  • Wow what great experience, I love it! It's exactly what I've been looking for. Athena's group was the best investment I ever made. I don't know if I would have ever made it without her guidance and support!

    Mary Debenson Independent Virtual Assistant
  • I just love Athena's courses. They really give you a step by step method to grow your business. Everything is so clear and detailed! I have achieved so much since I started the programm: it totally changed my life.

    Emma Green Founder of VA Power
  • I like this group more and more each day. It makes my life a lot easier. It's really wonderful to be able to get support from like minded entrepreneurs. And Athena is always available to advise us. Thank you so much!

    Sarah Bernard Social Media Guru
  • At the beginning I just started with an idea, not knowing where to begin or even if I could do it. Athena's program answered all my questions and got me ready to quit my job and start my business within a month. I am so proud I finally took the risk to realize my dream.

    Sophia Bellanger Social Media Guru
  • I can't recommend Athena enough. I have learn so much about how to grow a business through social media and marketing. I am myself a coach and I know the importance of good support and guidance. If you are looking to grow your business Anna is the answer to your questions!

    Maureen Adams Founder of Enjoy Your Life
  • I was tired, working over hours. I didn't understand why my business wasn't taking off. I was ready to give up when I found this group. Since I joined I have started to look at my business through a totally different angle. I finally understood where to find my potential customers and how to address them to close a sale. It really made a huge difference: within 3 months I came from $300 to $6000 a month!

    Vicky Surrey Retreat Organiser