Do You Feel Marooned by Your Franchise??

LOW profits? SLOW growth? LITTLE support? Not what you bargained for?

Common Reasons Franchises Struggle

Finding Leads

With any business, you need a process for finding leads and converting those leads into actual paying customer or clients. A new business owner must budget for marketing, to know where your customers are coming from so you can spend your local advertising budget wisely. A business coach can help you develop processes and gain the business knowledge you need.   

Lack of Capital

Most franchise owners know of the initial investment required to purchase a franchise. They are also given a proposed start-up cost estimate. The problem is the new owners also need capital to cover losses and keep the business afloat while the business grows. Often personal expenses are also needed while the business is too young to generate profits. A business coach can help you understand how to generate revenue and increase profits while working less.   

Lack of Training and Support

Many franchises provide adequate training to new owners while others hand you an operations manual, wish you luck, and disappear with your investment check. Owners are forced to learn through trial and error. Having access to a business coach can help fill in the blanks and provide the strategies and structures you need for success.  

About Your Coach

Harlan Hammack

Harlan Hammack is a highly respected and sought-after Business and Leadership coach. He specializes in helping business owners "turn common sense into common practice" by systematizing their business, improving employee engagement, and building world-class teams. Harlan delivers actionable, measurable solutions that guarantee quantifiable results. With over two decades of impeccable management consulting, leadership coaching, speaking, and hands-on business experience, Harlan's insights and expertise are second to none.

As an Organizational Change and Business Transformation consultant, Harlan has worked diligently with Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies around the world helping them implement and manage strategic business initiatives to transform their companies and increase their bottom line. Harlan's passion for mentoring and coaching has helped executives and front-line managers to develop key leadership skills they need to navigate through their ever-changing business environments. 

What my clients have to say

I have been working with Harlan over the past few months with a focus on managing and embracing growth in my company. He has been instrumental in providing me with the tools I need to put plans in place to grow my business through pricing, capacity planning and staffing. He holds me accountable to the weekly goals that we set together and I can see how it is paying off now. I highly recommend Harlan to any business owner who truly wants and needs to focus on growing their business.

Mary B. Senoia, GA

"Coach, can I just say WOW. It’s taken me this long to gather my thoughts well enough to realize what just happened. You just gave me one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. You’ve given life to this insane idea that has been in my head and in my heart for years."

Sharon H., Maryland

"Do you need a Business Coach that can help YOU and your business grow? iB4e Coaching has amazing programs and lead by a brilliant business mind - Coach Harlan Hammack."

Janet S. Grantville, GA

"If you own your own business and are wanting to grow tune in to Coach Harlan’s YouTube channel. I've had the pleasure of sitting down with Harlan and see him in meetings once a week. He really knows his stuff!"

Dale P. Sharpsburg, GA

"Harlan is one of those individuals who everyone wants on their team. In addition to bringing a depth of expertise, he also brings creativity and an ability to look at things from multiple perspectives. He has strong leadership and management skills, and always delivers on his promises." 

Eileen G. Phoenix, AZ 

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