In less than 10-MINUTES PER DAY you can gain clarity, reduce stress, and become more effective!

Here is how the Journal Challenge works:

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Each day you will receive an EMAIL with a "Journal Prompt" to give you a topic or question to write about
Set a TIME each day to write in your journal
Hate writing? VIDEO your daily thoughts and post them on Social Media (Facebook). Add the hashtag #ib4ecoaching so I can follow your progress


Each month, I will collect the names of everyone who has registered that month for the challenge. 

I will DRAW ONE NAME from those who have registered and that lucky person will win a 

16 oz TERVIS tumbler! 


Will You Accept the 30-Day Journal Challenge?

If you've never journaled before, or if you've been journaling for years, you will love this Journal Challenge! As you get into the habit of journaling, you will improve your life, your business, and your leadership style as you focus on the things you can do to achieve your goals. 

Through this challenge, you will learn to:

PROBLEM SOLVE by thinking through issues from multiple perspectives
GAIN INSIGHT into your customers and employees
Set the course for you day and CLEAR YOUR MIND
REDUCE STRESS and improve your mental and physical health
You will GAIN CLARITY as you set and achieve strategic goals

Normally $49, but special
COVID Lockdown Pricing of just $7

Would you invest 10-MINUTES PER DAY to get THESE results?

Set aside time for YOU, every day - start-of-day or end-of-day - and explore these results.

Journal about where you WANT to be in 3-5 years?

Success doesn't happen by chance. It comes from a combination of strategic planning, setting realistic, achievable goals, and measuring your progress. It comes from using your TIME wisely. Journaling will help you think through and plan your time.

Journal to clarify your
VISION of success

Setting a goal is easy. Achieving the goal is difficult unless you can SEE a clear path. Having a clear, compelling vision for success that you can share with your employees will make achieving that goal much easier. Journaling can help you clarify your vision

Journal to EXPLORE the tools you need to grow and thrive

Having the right tools is important; Knowing how to use the tools is essential. Journaling will give you the discipline to manage your TASKS so you can start using your tools to build a business that works for YOU.

Journal to RELIEVE STRESS and be more effective

You've worked hard, to secure the entrepreneurial lifestyle of your dreams. Don't let the day-to-day stresses of the business interfere with your life. Journal to clear your mind, practice gratitude, and focus on what's most important.

This FREE Journal Challenge will help you develop the habits of GRATITUDE and MINDFULNESS!

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