"Done With You" Solutions

Want some help working on your business? No problem! After completing a Business Needs Assessment, we will lay out a plan to define and implement the vital changes needed in your business. I will work with you and your leadership team to help your business thrive. 

Strategic Plan: Identifying where you are, where you want to be, and helping you to get there
Operations and Training Manual: Helping you document everything a person needs to know to do their job efficiently; facilitating the creation of standardized materials to make training new employees easier and faster
Time Management: Showing you how to get more efficient with your time, ensuring you get the most important things done first, and still have time to do the things you want to do
Employee Hiring/Retention: Helping you systematize your hiring process so you attract, hire, and retain high-quality employees; Assisting with on-boarding new employees, and getting consistent production and quality
LEAN implementation: Rallying your employees around a commitment to eliminate wasted time, movements, and materials to improve productivity and reduce costs
Leadership Development: Showing you how to identify and develop emerging leaders so you can confidently delegate critical tasks and take the pressure off of you
Just to name a few...

Coach Harlan

I have over 30-years of management consulting experience in industries from aerospace and manufacturing to consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, and logistics. I can help you in your business. Guaranteed. 

Solutions to Save You Money

Schedule a brief 20-minute chat so we can determine whether the "done with you" solution is right for you! 

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